Brows are the fragrance to a woman’s spirit. They are an expression of her essence, her thoughts and most importantly her image.

Brows tell the world how she feels. The work that we do here at SumanBrows enhances that effect, which allows those feelings to flow with confidence for all to see. Allowing your brows to be displayed in the grandeur they deserve is our forte. A woman can express more in her eyebrows than she can with any other gesture.

The appreciation of the bespoke eyebrows artform allows a woman to express her attributes, nature and ambitions. From a simple, elegant signature brow enhancement to a bespoke red carpet makeover, we only offer the very best brows.

SumanBrows has perfected this artform for decades, and passes this on to allow women of all ages colours, creeds and heritage to express their raw emotions through the most powerful medium they have… eyebrows!

Our aim at SumanBrows is to understand our clients requirements and to interpret the art of sculpting the natural eyebrow which - when completed successfully - does not only enhance the structure of the face, but can also lift the expression of each emotion, forming the perfect facial frame...

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